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Pure Country Post and Rail Fencing™

Pure Country Fencing™ is known for it’s exceptional quality, distinctive craftsmanship and rustic "Old Western" appearance. Every post and rail is hand hewn and aesthetically pleasing as they curve in and around knots. The fine grained cedar requires no preservatives and has a high resistance to decay.

We carry a full line of 1, 2, 3 and 4 rail options with either 10’ or 8’ rails. The rails are notched and the posts are drilled so they are easy to install. One and 4 rail posts as well as pre-made split rail gates and pre-assembled split rail Garden Arbours made from Western Red Cedar are available only by special order. Our fencing can also be used to make stacking rail, line fencing, and classic old-country fencing styles. Our sister company, Mountain Bark™ also installs all styles of split rail cedar fence.
Pure Country™ is an all natural post and rail fencing system that is the most distinctive, rustic country fence to beautify your yard, acreage or farm. We guarantee you will be happy with the quality of our product. If you are a DIY'er, look for a dealer near you on our dealer page.

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Post & Rail Systems


Interlocking Post & Rails, pre-drilled and pre-notched.

Classic Old Country/Stacking Rail


Great barrier fencing, particularly on rocky terrain.

Line & Wildlife Systems


Perfect Post & Wire system for organic farms.

Other Products


Arbors, Gates, Planters and other such things.

Post & Rail Systems

Our Mill manufactures interlocking 1, 2, 3, and 4 rail options. All options utilize pre-drilled posts and pre-notched rails that are designed to interlock which is similar to a mortise and tenon joint.

These types of fencing systems are very cost effective and straight forward to install as all of the fencing components come pre-made. All posts holes need to augured and then tamped.

For you DIYers please refer to our installation section to ensure sound installation and product performance. The one and two rail options are very good accent fencing and are especially well suited for around parks, green spaces and golf courses. The 3 and 4 rail systems are excellent around parks, acreages and farms in light pasturing applications.

Classic Old Country & Stacking Rail

These types of systems utilize the un-drilled posts or un-notched rail rails in various ways such as; stacking snake rail, 2 post stacking rail and 2 post & 2 rail.

The "Classic" stacking snake rail fence is best suited for situations where the ground is extremely difficult to auger holes into, like solid rock, rocky or highly treed-rooted areas. Any length or size of post or rail can be used to "stack" in a zig zag or snake like fashion over your landscape. The 2 posts stacking rail systems has been around for a very long time. Split cedar rails are placed between two posts in a stacked fashion. Often a wire or carriage bolt is used to secure the tops of the posts. The 2 post stacking fence is very solid and will be around for a very long time.

This type of system traditionally has been used for livestock enclosures but in more recent times has been designed to make really cool "rustic" parks or green area fencing. The last style is the 2 post 2 rail system. It has two posts with two rails which have carriage bolts holding the rails in place. Forms of these "Classic Old Country" systems have been around for centuries and can used to create barriers that are both functional and look fantastic.

Line & Wildlife Systems

We also supply 6’6”, 7’6” and 10’ split rail/post options. These posts are not pre-drilled and the rails are not notched. All line posts are blunt so all post holes need to be augured and tamped.

These types of post and rails are well suited for wire fencing applications or rails can be lagged onto posts for wildlife management and for livestock enclosure applications.

Western Red Cedar has a natural preservative which is organic and non-toxic. Our products are easy to dispose of and contain NO toxic man-made chemicals that can leach out into the environment and affect livestock or wildlife. Because of Western Red Cedars’ environmentally friendly qualities, our Pure Country Fencing™ posts are well-suited for use in agriculture, wildlife management or for use in organic farms. Western Red Cedar is especially well suited for use around water bodies or in riparian areas.

According to Canada Oceans & Fisheries, Western Red Cedar is a preferred building material for use in and around water bodies as it has natural preservatives which improve product longevity in wet environments. See Building Materials pdf. In situations where the environment and quality are important, Pure Country Fencing™ split posts and rails are the product for you.

Specialty Products

Over the years we have come up with some wquick and easy solution to enhance your fencing, landscape or garden project. For example, pre-built garden arbour kits, gates and raised planters

Custom Gates

2 and 3 rail gates can be custom made to any length from 3’ to 10’4” feet wide. Our standard rough sizes our 4’4”, 6’4”, 8’4” and 10’4”. We recommend purchasing gate hardware and gates before laying your rough openings. Not all gate hardware is the same and requires more or less gap depending on installation. We recommend smaller gate sizes and to use a wheel caster on the moving side to prevent sagging as wood gates are heavy and can sag over time.

has gate hardware and has large wheel casters for gates

Garden Arbors

Custom Planter 2

We also make a "one size fits all" Garden Arbour. The dimensions are approx. 8’ tall 6’ wide and 3’ deep. The sides and top are pre made, however some simple assembly is required. Please refer to installation guide for further instructions

Raised Planters

Custom Planter
Custom Planter 2

We will soon have available raised Garden Planters. You decide the containers and crops to be grown. All the necessary pieces are pre-cut and pre-notched. All you need to do is assemble. The raised planter is approx. 4 by 2 feet and about 3 feet to the top rail. We suggest using 2 - 2.5 to 3” deck screws to secure each joint.


ITEM Length Min. Girth Pieces/Lift Weight
10' Rails 10' 12" 155 20 lbs
8' Rails 8' 12" 155 16 lbs
Jumbo rails 10' 14" 110 28 lbs
Pony Rails 10' 10" 180 15 lbs
Pony Post - 2 Rail 5'4" 16" 45 15 lbs
Pony Post - 3 Rail 6'6" 16" 45 20 lbs
1-Rail Line Posts 39" 18" 72 12 lbs
1-Rail End Posts 39" 18" 72 12 lbs
1-Rail Corner Posts 39" 18" 72 12 lbs
2-Rail Line Posts 5'4" 18" 72 20 lbs
2-Rail End Posts 5'4" 18" 72 20 lbs
2-Rail Corner Posts 5'4" 18" 72 20 lbs
3-Rail Line Posts 6'6" 18" 72 24 lbs
3-Rail End Posts 6'6" 18" 72 24 lbs
3-Rail Corner Posts 6'6" 18" 72 24 lbs
4-Rail Line Posts 7'6" 18" 72 28 lbs
4-Rail End Posts 7'6" 18" 72 28 lbs
4-Rail Corner Posts 7'6" 18" 72 28 lbs
2-Rail Gate 4'4"   1 50 lbs
3-Rail Gate 4'4"   1 60 lbs
2-Rail Gate 8'4"   1 100 lbs
3-Rail Gate 8'4"   1 120 lbs
2-Rail Gate 10'4"   1 140 lbs
3-Rail Gate 10'4"   1 160 lbs
Arbour Kits 8' tall
6' wide
3' deep
  1 200 lbs
7'6" no hole posts   18" 72 28 lbs
6'6" no hole posts   18" 72 24 lbs
10' no hole posts or
Super Jumbo Rail
  18" 65 48 lbs

Please note the 10’ Jumbo rails can be used as a smaller girth line post

Arbours come pre-assembled in 3 pieces. It takes about 15 min to set up

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